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This is an innovative idea where we can use our palm as keyboard and mouse of the computer at any place, anytime.

This project can assist the police in catching the traffic rules’ violators by checking the

speed of their vehicle and necessary documents.

The website of annual technical and cultural fest of Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology, Pathanamthitta. Aztak, a techno-cultural fest website is a highly dynamic and visual treat for the users.

12 June

Avishkar 2015

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                 A Smartphone application developed based on the concept of location based advertising and emergency service locating.

                      The property of Hotel Excalibur, Kottayam which is in fact an android application for the online reservation and promotion on the hotel.

                             The official android app of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. This project for integrates KTDC Premium Hotels using an Android Smartphone application. This application acts as a single object where you can share all of your hotel’s contact and travel information with not only guests but your staff as well. 

                                             The official android app of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival Season 8.The official GKSF mobile app allows users to find special promotions for shopping, dining, touring and cultural products. It is also a fun way to explore Kerala and attend events throughout the festival.

Musaliar Renewable Energy Mission (MREM) was initiated by the EEE Department of MCET in 2013 to provide renewable energy harvesting technologies to the common public at a reasonable cost.


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