Electronics Research Publications

Paper Publications

  1. Prof.Nishi.G.Namboothiri has presented a paper titled“MODIFIED LOW POWER SHIFT AND ADD MULTIPLIER” in the Third International Conference on Advances in Communication,Network and Computing INC 2012 at Chennai on February 24th– 25 th ,2012.
  2. She has also presented a paper titled “SHIFT AND ADD MULTIPLIER ARCHITECTURES” in the International Conferences on Modelling on Computing ICMDC-2012 at Noorul Islam University on April 10 -11 ,2012.
  3. Pro.Lekshmi Suresh has published paper entitled COSA & CSA based 32 bit unsigned multiplier in the journal IJEAS.(ISBN 31102)

Journals Published

Published the paper titled “ Impact of Scaling On Delay Interconnects” in Journal Science and Technology & management ; Volume -07 No:1-September,2014,ISSN No:0974-8334








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