Code of Ethics for Research






 Codes of Ethics are broad guidelines, designed to help professionals to achieve a highest level of ethical conduct and to maintain standards of practice and integrity to their professional work. The following is the code of ethics to encourage responsible research and ethical publishing.


  1. The quality of the work should be judged with the understanding of technology, its proper application and the responsibility to maintain safety, welfare and health of the public along with the environment management.
  2. All experimental investigations must strictly adhere to standard protocols with respect to safety norms.
  3. It should be ensured that the authorship of the work is correctly accounted without any misrepresentation. Any form of misconduct found will be considered as a breach of publishing ethics.
  4. It is necessary to maintain transparency and objectivity in the research and in the review process.
  5. While using any data or results published by other investigator, prior permission must be obtained by them.
  6. Any experiment which leads to chemical testing either on animal or human being must be strictly conducted as per standard protocol laid by statutory authorities.
  7. The research publications must avoid one of the most common types of publication misconduct, plagiarism–when one author deliberately uses another's work without permission, credit, or acknowledgment.
  8. Intentionally submitting or re-submitting work for duplicate publication is considered as a violation of publishing ethics.
  9. Publishing data or conclusions that were not generated by experiments or observations, but by invention or data manipulation will be considered as research fraud.
  10. Published work based on fraudulent data can form an inappropriate basis for follow up studies.






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